About Terri 
North West Tasmania Doula

From before, but particularly since, the birth of my own two children in 2012 and 2014, I have been drawn to advocating for people, particularly in pregnancy and childbirth. My pregnancies and labours with my children changed my life completely; they were eye-opening, strengthening and empowering, and it is my wish for all birthing people to experience that same feeling for themselves as they enter this new period of their lives.

Through my training with Birth Your Way Tasmania, I am confident in my knowledge of labour and birth, and truly believe that I – a person dedicated to you, your baby and your family – can enhance your experience of pregnancy, labour and childbirth. Ensuring that you and your family are completely informed during all decision-making processes, and encouraging you to trust within yourself is paramount to my service. My goal is to help to create a safe, sacred and joyous birth experience.

I am based in Devonport, supporting families along the North-West Coast.

My Philosophy

  • Birth is a normal, natural process, not a pathological ‘problem’ or medical condition to be solved or cured.
  • You have the right to be an active participant in your own birth experience; you can make informed choices about your practitioners, your birth setting, interventions (or lack thereof), attendees, etc.  It is YOUR experience.
  • Partners are as emotionally invested in their children’s births as labouring people are; they, too, need support to minimise their anxiety and feel involved and engaged with the process to the extent that they and their partner wish.
  • Having a doula is the best way to ensure a satisfying birth experience; that is, one in which the birthing person feels respected, in control, and supported.
  • I can and will help you to self-advocate before and during your labour and birth, but I cannot and will not be your voice.
  • I believe in an evidence-based practice.

First and foremost, my goal is your satisfaction, confidence and comfort.

I recognise that your birth is not my birth, and your choices may differ from my own.

My pledge to each of my clients is that I will always respect your choices and support you 100% in making them. I will never judge you or make you doubt your instincts.

I know that you are strong. My desire is to support you in a way that allows and encourages you to achieve your birth goals.

It’s okay to be scared. Being scared means you’re about to do something really, really brave.

Mandy Hale


I am a certified Pregnancy, Labour, Birth and Postnatal Doula (Birth Your Way Tasmania), plus I have completed placental education including lotus birth and placenta encapsulation.