Care Packages

Are you 20 years old or younger?

All services below are FREE for people are under 20 years of age.*


Initial Consultation

My services start with an informal consultation, that I like to call a Welcoming.  I will talk a little about what I do as a doula, and we can discuss your goals for your pregnancy and birth, as well as your expectations of your doula. 

From this point, we will book your first appointment to work on birth planning, postnatal plans, and to ensure you feel supported and respected during your journey.

This service is FREE.

From Belly to Baby

Pregnancy & Birth Support

Included in this package is 2-4 prenatal visits to your home (or other agreed place), unlimited support via text and email, the provision of information and advocacy during your pregnancy, labour and birth, as well as the immediate postnatal period.

I will be on-call from 2 weeks before your due date, providing unlimited telephone (calls and texts) and email support, until your baby is born. 

When labour begins, I will be there by your side throughout the duration of labour with my trusty ‘doula bag’ and anywhere between 1-3 hours after birth to assist you with your postnatal needs, including breastfeeding support, discuss any birth trauma issues, and to take photos of you and your family if you wish.

I will visit you at home within the first 7 days after birth (or after discharge from hospital, whichever comes first) with a gift and a meal, to help address any postnatal issues and to reflect on your birth experience. We will talk about the importance of self-care, so you can have the most confident and empowering experience in caring for yourself as well as your new family member.

Your investment is $900.00 inclusive of travel.**

Blessed Birth

Birth Only Support

If we’ve worked together before, or if you are later in your pregnancy, this might be the option for you!

My Blessed Birth (Birth Only) package starts with a Welcoming.

Before your birth, we will have a Skype/Facetime meeting to prepare and discuss your expectations of me and for your birth.

I will be available for unlimited text and email support.

From 2 weeks before your due date I will be on-call for you, providing unlimited telephone and email support until your baby is born.

You will have access to my ‘doula bag’ resources (such as massage oil, music, massage tools, birthing ball).

After your birth, we will follow-up with another Skype/Facetime meeting to discuss your birth and any postnatal issues, questions, or concerns. 

Your investment is $500.00 inclusive of travel.**

New Life

Additional Postnatal Support

With my postnatal support, we can talk about things like self-care, siblings, relationships, feeding, and things to expect in those first weeks of your new baby’s life. 

I’d like to meet with you prior to birth for a Welcoming, and to plan out your goals for your recovery.

Our meeting can take place in the comfort of your own home, where I can help you process what took place at your birth, helping you remember the beautiful details of birth as well as process any trauma that may have affected you.

I will gladly bring along food for you and your family, if required.

I can touch base with you each week to help you feel supported, as well as assist you physically within your home (i.e. cooking, cleaning, watching baby while you shower, etc.). 

We can discuss mental health, feeding, swaddling, settling baby, and simply providing answers for those “Is this normal?” questions that all new parents have (even if this is your second, third, or fourth time round!). 

I can also provide you with suggestions for additional professional support where required, and give you evidence-based information.

Your investment is $30 per hour inclusive of travel.**

Helping Hands

Additional Doula

I can be there for you and your family if you are expecting more than one baby, have other children attending the birth, or simply feel you need additional support.

Your investment is $200.00 inclusive of travel.**


I’m so excited to hear from you, so please get in touch today!

The Small Print

*Evidence of age will need to be sighted at initial consultation.

**Included travel is one hour return from Devonport (approx. 100km). Additional travel is charged at $0.50/km.