Welcome to Berkana Birth

‘Berkana’ is an ancient Norse rune that literally translates to ‘birch’. I named our home “Berkana Cottage” after a stunning silver birch in the front yard, but little did I know how incredibly powerful, symbolic, and fitting this simple rune would become.

Berkana also means birth or new beginnings. The symbol itself appears as a typical pregnant profile – breasts and belly – and it represents the universal idea of the Goddess, along with the powerful bond between parent and child. A sense of protection, support, nurturing and creation are all represented in this simple form.

In its translation as ‘birch’, it forms the idea of being able to be flexible without breaking, which is exactly what childbirth is about – being able to bend, move and sway in tune with nature.

These concepts land me here, at Berkana Birth. I support birthing people and their families through pregnancy and the birth of their child through informational, physical and emotional support.

I am yours to lean on; I bend and sway with you.

What Others Have to Say…

Amazing service, Terri was very kind and very prompt with my placenta encapsulation. Couldn’t have asked for any better ☺️ It’s brilliant to have someone like this in the North West Coast.


We highly recommend Terri and her caring support throughout pregnancy, labour and for after care. Although our birth didnt go to plan, she was still there to support and to help where possible for our emergency c-section delivery. We feel the support given is a must have for any mother heading into labour! We wish her all the best in her career.

Ellie & Jayde

Terri, you are just an angel. My 3rd baby, first time having a doula and I wish you’d been there for all three. It means so much having another woman and mother present as they can put themselves in your shoes. Terri was just so encouraging, helped keep me grounded, inspired and bringing me back to my breath. I can’t thank you enough. If you’re thinking about hiring a doula then do it, Terri is just beautiful, so relaxed and holds a special place in my heart.