Update – May 2020

I’ve been really quiet on the front of blogging for the last 12 months or so, and I feel as though I owe an explanation. The truth is, I don’t really have one. My day job has been amped up the last few weeks, I changed my hours and so I have just been working behind the scenes in relation to my doula business. But, rest assured, I’m indeed still here and available to support women along the NW Coast.

I am working on some more content for this site and collating some resources. I am also looking at taking my Childbirth class information to online courses, as well as some Doula training. It obviously won’t be, and can’t be, quite as comprehensive as an in-person course due to the practical elements being lost through this medium, but at the very least you can get a taste for what being a doula involves and learn some super useful information to assist you in your journey. I’m currently working on the logistics and medium for the courses.

I’m off to prepare some content for this site, but in the meantime keep an eye out for more resources and info up for offer!

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