My Philosophy

  • Birth is a normal, natural process, not a pathological ‘problem’ or medical condition to be solved or cured.
  • You have the right to be an active participant in your own birth experience; you can make informed choices about your practitioners, your birth setting, interventions (or lack thereof), attendees, etc.  It is YOUR experience.
  • Partners are as emotionally invested in their children’s births as labouring people are; they, too, need support to minimise their anxiety and feel involved and engaged with the process to the extent that they and their partner wish.
  • Having a doula is the best way to ensure a satisfying birth experience; that is, one in which the birthing person feels respected, in control, and supported.
  • I can and will help you to self-advocate before and during your labour and birth, but I cannot and will not be your voice.
  • I believe in an evidence-based practice.

First and foremost, my goal is your satisfaction, confidence and comfort.

I recognise that your birth is not my birth, and your choices may differ from my own.

My pledge to each of my clients is that I will always respect your choices and support you 100% in making them. I will never judge you or make you doubt your instincts.

I know that you are strong. My desire is to support you in a way that allows and encourages you to achieve your birth goals.

It’s okay to be scared. Being scared means you’re about to do something really, really brave.

Mandy Hale