What is a Doula?

A Doula is a trained Childbirth Attendant who has been drawn by a passion to provide care for birthing people.

Doulas believe in the transformative and empowering effects of natural, physiological childbirth, the right and ability of birthing people to make their own choices, but also understands that sometimes obstetric intervention is necessary.

Most importantly, doulas strive to provide support, education, and up-to-date evidence based information that will enable birthing people and their partners to become active participants in the birth of their child.

Every birthing person has a right to feel supported, empowered and safe during their pregnancy, and to birth their baby as naturally and as gently as possible.  Doulas can help make this possible.  Doulas provide continuous support to birthing people and/or their partners during pregnancy, throughout the birth process at home, in the hospital, and during the postnatal period.

Doulas are not midwives, nurses, or medical practitioners, and do not provide medical, nursing or midwifery care.

We provide three types of support:

Informational support

Emotional support

Physical support

Studies have shown that continuous support from a skilled doula provided physical and emotional benefits for birthing people and health bonuses for their babies, with fewer complications, less medical interventions and shorter hospital stays. (Harvard Health).