Birth Education

Dads & Doulas

There seems to be this notion that as soon as a birthing person hires a doula, that their partner's role in birth becomes redundant. This couldn't be further from the truth. Doulas are educated professionals who give you and your family the tools you need to make your own informed decisions around your experience, and to provide you with the support… Continue reading Dads & Doulas

Birth Education

VBAC: Myths vs Reality

It has become pretty standard for birthing people to believe that once you have had one caesarean section (herein referred to as 'c-section' for ease!) for the birth of your baby that there is no longer any other option for subsequent births but to have another c-section. This idea has been perpetuated by obstetricians and… Continue reading VBAC: Myths vs Reality

Birth Education

Understanding the Cascade of Intervention

Many things in life have unintended consequences; they may or may not have the effect that we want, and they may also have other unplanned and possibly unwanted effects. Maternity interventions can have unintended effects, especially during labour and birth. Often these effects are new problems that are ‘solved’ with further intervention, which may in… Continue reading Understanding the Cascade of Intervention